The Knick

So to start where I intend to go on in a blog about film, music and food, let’s do a piece about a TV program.
We caught the first episode of “The Knick” on Sky Atlantic last night (we tend to record a series then watch it as a “box set”). How to describe it… set in a New York surgical hospital (“The Kickerbocker” – hence the programme’s name) in the early twentieth century, it’s a hybrid formed from the subject matter of ER and the look and feel of “The Gangs Of New York”.
Featuring a largely unknown (to me at least) cast it was good to see Matt Frewer, better known as Max Headroom, almost unrecognizable in a hipster beard and shaved head, in a juicy role as the chief surgeon and Clive Owen in the lead as reliably dour and as grimly charismatic as ever.
A good opening story-line about the perils of operating in largely un-sterile conditions with hand-made surgical implements the first episode managed to introduce the main characters without too much dialogue from “Basil Exposition”. It credited the viewers with the intelligence to catch up as it barreled along and featured a number of pleasingly gory operation sequences that appeared to use a mix of CGI and latex, scenes which were grisly enough to require watching whilst peeping through interlaced fingers.
All in all an excellent opening – early days but it seems we might have found a suitable replacement for “Boardwalk Empire”



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